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Author: Jarrad Mobbs

Making a will with an unsent text message.

Do you have a Will? Is it validly executed? Is it on your phone, is it a video recording...

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What Insurance?

An injury or illness is a common occurrence in day-to-day life. If you have suffered from an injury or...

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Legal personal representatives of smaller estates can finalise matters sooner – PCG 2018/4

An executor or administrator (legal personal representative) of an estate has many responsibilities and some of which include the...

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Can an attorney make a binding death benefit nomination?

The case of Re Narumon Pty Ltd was published on 24 August, the first case in Australia to consider...

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Joint tenancy interests in family law property settlements and estate planning

When parties in a relationship become estranged and are contemplating separation, it is important that consideration is given as...

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Practical Compliance Guideline

The ATO has issued a Practical Compliance Guideline for the management of tax affairs for executors in small estates....

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Richmond Field Days – 9th & 10th of June

Our senior lawyers Jarrad, Brendan & Greg will be attending the Richmond Field Days. Drop by to talk to...

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Succession planning grants for Queensland primary producers

 The Queensland Government has recently announced the introduction of a new farm management grant which provides financial assistance to...

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Family Discretionary Trust Fact Sheet

This Fact Sheet has been prepared to be read in conjunction with your draft family discretionary trust deed. The...

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Making a Power of Attorney in Queensland

What are Powers of Attorney? Powers of Attorney are legal documents by which a person (the principal) may appoint...

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