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Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents & Worker’s Compensation

Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents & Worker’s Compensation

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Motor Vehicle Claims

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident (and this includes as a pedestrian or on a bicycle) through the fault or negligence of the driver of another motor vehicle you may bring a claim for compensation for the loss and damage suffered by you as a result of the motor vehicle accident.  Compulsory Third Party is a component of the Motor Vehicle Registration paid so your right of action exists against the CTP insurer.  If the vehicle is unregistered or is unidentified your claim will proceed against the Nominal Defendant.  The CTP process is an area where our expertise and experience can be used to guide you through the process and avoid any hidden traps for the unwary.  There are strict time-frames that apply in relation to the Motor Vehicle Claims so legal advice should be sought urgently.  It is also the case that the CTP insurer will in certain cases (the majority of cases) fund reasonable rehabilitation expenses to assist you in seeking medical treatment and other rehabilitation.


If you suffer an injury or illness at work there is an entitlement to certain benefits under the Workcover statutory regime.  If you can establish that your injury or illness has been caused by the negligence of your employer, a co-worker or a third party at your work then you should seek prompt legal advice in regards to the rights available to you.

Public Liability

If you suffer injury that is not related to or caused by your employment or related a motor vehicle you may still have an avenue to pursue compensation in the event you can establish negligence or wrongdoing on the part of another.  Some examples of public liability claims include slip and trip cases, occupiers liability , boating injuries and injury arising from assault.


This area of law does not require you to prove negligence on the part of another.  If you are unable to work due to illness or injury and you have an existing superannuation policy it is likely that there will be a Total and Permanent Disability entitlement that you can claim.  A ‘TPD’ claim can be made in addition to a Motor Accident, Workcover or Public Liability claim or can be made even where you have no other claim.

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